Code Review Checklist#

This checklist is a guide for reviewing code changes. It can be used as a reference for both authors and reviewers to ensure that the code meets the project’s standards and requirements.

Code Quality#

  • Is the code clear and understandable?

  • Does the code follow the project’s coding conventions and style guide (naming conventions, spacing, indentation, etc.)?

  • Are there any redundant or unnecessary parts of the code?

  • Is there duplicated code that could be refactored into a reusable function/method?

  • Are there any magic numbers or strings that should be constants or configurations?

Architecture and Design#

  • Is the code change consistent with the overall architecture of the system?

  • Are the classes, modules, and functions well-organized and appropriately sized?

  • Are design patterns used appropriately and consistently?

  • Does the change introduce any potential scalability issues?

  • Is there a clear separation of concerns (e.g., UI, business logic, data access)?


  • Does the code do what it’s supposed to do?

  • Are all edge cases considered and handled?

  • Is there any dead or commented-out code that should be removed?

  • Are there any debugging or logging statements that need to be removed or adjusted?


  • Are all data inputs validated and sanitized to prevent SQL injection, XSS, etc.?

  • Are passwords and sensitive data properly encrypted or secured?

  • Are there any potential security vulnerabilities introduced or exposed by the code change?

  • Is authentication and authorization handled properly?


  • Are there any obvious performance issues or bottlenecks?

  • Is the code optimized for time and space complexity where necessary?

  • Are large data sets or files handled efficiently?

  • Is caching implemented appropriately?


  • Are there unit tests covering the new functionality or changes?

  • Do the existing tests need to be updated or extended?

  • Is there appropriate error handling and logging in the tests?

  • Do all tests pass?

  • Is there enough coverage for critical paths in the code?

Documentation and Comments#

  • Is the new code adequately commented for clarity?

  • Is the documentation (README, API docs, inline comments) updated to reflect the changes?

  • Are complex algorithms or decisions well-explained?

  • Are there any assumptions or limitations that need to be documented?


  • Is the code compatible with all targeted environments (operating systems, browsers, devices)?

  • Does the change maintain backward compatibility or is a migration path provided?

  • Are there any dependencies added or updated? If so, are they necessary and properly vetted?

Reviewer’s General Feedback#

  • Provide any general feedback or suggestions for improvements.

  • Highlight any areas of excellence or particularly clever solutions.